Has Trump kept his promises?

Trump’s re-election campaign slogan is “Promises Made, Promises Kept”. From the border wall to repealing and replacing the ACA, what has he done? What are Trump’s achievements in his first term in office?

Trump has kept his promises

Trump has pushed for funding for his border wall with Mexico. He has implemented tax reforms and cut tax rates. He has also worked to increase jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Trump has introduced tax reforms

In 2017, Trump implemented the biggest overhaul to the tax system in decades.

Trump put America first

Trump has renegotiated trade deals with other countries. He has also cut funding for international organisations to prioritise the US.

Trump has reduced government regulation

Trump vowed to reduce the red tape and make it easier and more efficient to do business.

Trump has not kept his promises

Trump has not repealed the ACA, and has failed to provide a viable alternative. He has also failed to reduce taxes for lower income families.

Mexico did not pay for the wall

Trump has struggled to secure funding for his border wall. hat money he has obtained has come from American taxpayers.

Trump has not brought back manufacturing jobs

Trump has failed to retain manufacturing jobs in America despite using subsidies and tax breaks.

Trump has failed to Repeal and Replace the ACA

Despite vocal disapproval of the ACA, Trump and the Republican Party have failed to replace Obamacare. They have also failed to provide an alternative healthcare plan for the American people

Trump did not "drain the swamp"

Trump's campaigns received millions of dollars from large donors. And Trump has paid back their support in funding and relief packages during the pandemic.
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