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Has Trump kept his promises?
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Trump did not "drain the swamp"

Trump's campaigns received millions of dollars from large donors. And Trump has paid back their support in funding and relief packages during the pandemic.
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The rallying cry of “Drain the Swamp” was often heard at Trump rallies during his 2016 bid for the White House. Trump presented himself as an outsider from politics who could run the country as efficiently as a business. He – falsely – claimed he was self-funding his campaign and would not be beholden to any special interest groups or donors[1]. Yet his refusal to publish his tax returns even once in the White House or put his assets in a blind trust undercuts his own claims. Trump passed authority over his businesses to his children, and hired his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner in his administration. In 2019, Kushner was accused of supporting a blockade on US ally Qatar when they denied support for one of his father’s failing businesses[2]. Furthermore, Trump has used his position to benefit his own businesses. Often setting up official meetings in his own hotels and resorts. These ties to private businesses are much of what fuelled the Mueller investigation and impeachment trial. Trump and his aids tried to disrupt both of these being uncooperative with information and witness statements[3].

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