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Has Trump kept his promises?
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Trump has failed to Repeal and Replace the ACA

Despite vocal disapproval of the ACA, Trump and the Republican Party have failed to replace Obamacare. They have also failed to provide an alternative healthcare plan for the American people

The Argument

Republicans have been working on repealing the ACA since it was first implemented. Trump’s own campaign website announced: “On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare”. Yet, once elected, Trump quickly backtracked stating that he had plenty of time and had not promised to replace the ACA immediately[1]. Over the course of Trump’s administration, Trump and the Republican Party have failed to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare. In 2017, and despite having a Senate majority the bill to repeal the ACA lost 49-51. This is due, perhaps, to the lack of concrete alternatives given by the GOP. Trump has made bold claims that his plan will allow for more choice of plan and doctors and lower costs to individuals. But four years on, we have yet to see the specifics of his plan or how it will be carried out[2].

Counter arguments

Trump may not have replaced the ACA, but he has gone a long way to defund and dismantle it. Trump has systematically defunded Medicare and Medicaid programs. He has also reversed legislation on the individual mandate which forced everyone to sign up for health coverage.



Rejecting the premises


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