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Has Trump kept his promises?
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Trump has not brought back manufacturing jobs

Trump has failed to retain manufacturing jobs in America despite using subsidies and tax breaks.

The Argument

Trump's promise to bring back manufacturing jobs won him the state of Michigan by 0.23% in 2016. Nonetheless, Trump's trade wars have worked against him and his promise to retain jobs in factories. Even before the pandemic hit, manufacturing workers in Michigan were down 10,200 from February 2019 to February 2020. The pandemic only aggravated this with around 66,500 fewer manufacturing workers from July 2019 to 2020. Similarly, Ohio lost 2,200 jobs from a year on February 2020, rising to 48,000 job losses from July 2019 to July 2020. This trend is ongoing. The pandemic aside, manufacturing jobs are expected to keep falling. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released an analysis in September. In this study, they find the manufacturing sector is expected to lose around 450,000 workers by 2029[1].

Counter arguments

Trump has implemented measures to stem the fall in manufacturing jobs. Pre-pandemic, Trump had used subsidies and tariffs on imported manufactured products. By the beginning of 2020, 450,000 new manufacturing jobs had been created[2].



Rejecting the premises


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