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What is the best system of government?
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Absolute Monarchy

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A monarchy encourages nationalism

Monarchies have more nationalism in their countries. If everyone’s united, there’s peace.
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The Argument

Monarchies have more nationalism than other countries. Nationalism inspires teamwork to bring success to the country.[1] There isn’t any division which can lead to disagreements and fighting.

Counter arguments

Although a monarchy will be united politically, it does not account for contending opinions. There will always be different opinions that disrupt unity.[2] Believing one opinion is better than another is a reflection of someone’s pride.[3] Nationalism is truly just a generalization of one concept that everyone agrees on, rather than an authentic consensus.



[P1] Monarchies have outstanding nationalism. [P2] Nationalism leads to peace within the country.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Nationalism doesn’t account for individual opinions. Contending opinions ruins the peace between people.


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