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What is the best system of government?
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Absolute Monarchy

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Quick passing of laws

Since there is only one ruler in an absolute monarchy, laws are passed very quickly.

The Argument

Absolute monarchies pass laws quickly. Other governments, like America’s democratic republic system, must go through many steps to pass a law with no guarantee that it will be passed at all.[1] The faster a law is passed, the quicker people will adjust to it.

Counter arguments

It is very foolish to have laws pass quickly through one ruler. One of the reasons the French Revolution happened was because the finances of the country was going towards people of higher class.[2] The monarchs didn’t try to help peasants and the middle class. If the ruler is corrupt, they can pass laws that benefit themselves and not the civilians of the country.



[P1] Monarchies pass laws quicker than other governments. [P2] Other government systems take a long time to pass laws. [P3] Because a law is passed quickly, the government is efficient.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Dictatorships pass laws quickly like monarchies. [Rejecting P3] Passing laws too quickly would harm the country. [Rejecting P3] An absolute monarchy only has one ruler, meaning they rely on themselves to make laws. If they aren’t knowledgeable about how to run a country or they are corrupt, the country falls.


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