What is the best system of government?

Governments are the backbone of a country. They are responsible for their citizens’ benefits and a healthy economy. Not all governments in the world are the same. There are democracies, republics, authoritarian societies, and many more types of governmental systems. With so many different types of government, which one has the most benefits?


Democracies are best known for personal freedom among citizens. Voting and citizen participation in politics are a couple of key aspects of a democracy.

Voting is an important element of Democracy

Voting is one of the most important aspects of a government. The right to vote or not emphasizes where most of the power of the government goes to: the people or the government.

Human Rights

Human rights are one of the most debated topics in the world. There are governments that contravene citizens' human rights in the past. But in democracies, civilians are treated differently.


Republics are like democracies in that civilians can vote. However, republics have the added element of representatives that vote in the government system on behalf of the public.

Government Representatives

Government representatives give a voice to the different political views among civilians.


Voting is an important part in a country’s government. Without it, the public won’t be able to decide what laws and politicians they want in the country.

Absolute Monarchy

Absolute monarchies are one of the oldest government systems in the world. They focus on one leader with a unified civilian population.

Quick passing of laws

Since there is only one ruler in an absolute monarchy, laws are passed very quickly.

A monarchy encourages nationalism

Monarchies have more nationalism in their countries. If everyone’s united, there’s peace.
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