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What is the best system of government?
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Voting is an important element of Democracy

Voting is one of the most important aspects of a government. The right to vote or not emphasizes where most of the power of the government goes to: the people or the government.

The Argument

Democracies are the best government system to have because people can directly vote in the government. It allows citizens to be involved in the government and implement policies that would benefit them.[1] Focusing on the public’s need is the most important thing in a country. With a democratic system there will be less conflict and more cooperation.

Counter arguments

Voting is only one small contribution to a government. If the government officials who could be elected want to further their own agenda and manipulate the public into voting for them, then the voting system fails.[2] Manipulating the government system would put a government in danger. It would be better if the voting wasn’t left in citizen hands.



[P1] The public’s needs are the most important aspect of a country. [P2] In a democracy, citizens can be directly involved in government decisions. [P3] Democracies are a better government choice.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Being involved in the voting process is not an important aspect of the government. If the voters are selfish, the country won’t benefit from their voting at all.


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