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Is tourism beneficial to developing countries?
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Tourism fosters independence among citizens

Tourism encourages the creation and growth of self-made businesses.

The Argument

Tourism allows a country to form a brand, to fully develop its business structure.[1] Within this, locals are able to create their own businesses and independence is formed. As the economy develops, people in developing countries are able to create their own businesses as the nation's own economic brand begins to emerge. People become less reliant on each other and are able to more easily foster a source of personal income. As independence grows, so does the economy. The country is thus able to develop more quickly and much more efficiently.

Counter arguments

There is no guarantee that everyone will benefit from the income, or that locals will even put in the effort required to stimulate their growing economy. It requires a lot of action from all parts of the country, and none of that is a guarantee.



[P1] Tourism enables people to establish self-run businesses. [P2] Personal businesses allow the economy to grow and the country to develop.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] There is no guarantee that people would establish personal businesses, let alone grow the economy.


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