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Is tourism beneficial to developing countries?
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Tourism pulls in revenue

Visitors provide chances to pull in income to developing countries.

The Argument

The backbone of a developing country lies in the economy. Without significant cash flow, it's difficult for a country to further advance. The income from tourism pulls in significant revenue that would otherwise not be coming into the country. For example, tourism in Rwanda is the country's largest income source from outside sources. In Mayange, tourism is the main source of cash flow for the village.[1] These two countries are two of the many countries improving due to vacationers and visitors. Without tourism, these developing countries would likely not have the money required in order to improve themselves and become a more modern country with their own economy.

Counter arguments

The revenue may not necessarily be going directly to the towns. Tourists also may prevent citizens from creating their own ways of bringing in economic profit and result in an economy solely dependent on outsiders.



[P1] Tourism increases income. [P2] Income is required for development. [P3] Tourism allows development.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] If income doesn't go to the right places, it will not lead to development.


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