Is tourism beneficial to developing countries?

Everywhere is a tourist destination nowadays. With flights available every hour, the possibilities are endless. However, this combined with the internet's ability to help people plan trips anywhere means that many developing countries that previously had no tourism now are flooded with them. When tourists land in a country in the midst of developing, is it beneficial to that place? Or is it detrimental?

Yes, tourism is beneficial to developing countries

The impact of tourism benefits these countries by fostering independence and increasing quality of life.

Tourism pulls in revenue

Visitors provide chances to pull in income to developing countries.

Tourism increases quality of living

More tourism means more money for resources and improved living conditions.

Tourism fosters independence among citizens

Tourism encourages the creation and growth of self-made businesses.

Tourism allows for female independence

Women are able to make their own money and develop their craft.

No, tourism is detrimental to developing countries

Tourism can severely negatively affect the people and nature of a country.

Tourism is seasonal, thus jobs are seasonal

Tourists typically come during the summer, making the other seasons an issue.

The income doesn't always go to the locals

Major companies take away the income that would be going to the local people.

Prices inflate

Massive inflation makes some things unattainable for locals.

The biodiversity of the area is affected

Tourists may destroy the valuable ecosystem that the country is reliant on.
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