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Is tourism beneficial to developing countries?
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Tourism increases quality of living

More tourism means more money for resources and improved living conditions.

The Argument

Quality of life has a huge impact on the inhabitants of a country. Excellent education, accessible roads and improved healthcare can all work to create and stimulate an independent economy. The revenue brought in through tourism allows the overall quality of life within these countries to increase. It allows the people to "improve local conditions such as roads, transportation and access to modern conveniences."[1] It also permits an improvement in the quality of education, healthcare, and even decreases the mortality rate.[2] An increase in the quality of life within countries in the process of development allows the creation of more businesses and stimulates an independent economy. The country may eventually grow to the level in which they are not solely reliant on tourism for their income.

Counter arguments

There is always the chance that the revenue brought in from tourism will not be used to improve the lives of those that live there. If living conditions do not improve but tourists continue to come into the country, the people are being exploited and used purely for the government's purposes.



[P1] Tourism increases quality of life. [P2] Improved quality of life stimulates the economy.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Tourism doesn't necessarily decrease quality of life.


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