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Is tourism beneficial to developing countries?
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Tourism is seasonal, thus jobs are seasonal

Tourists typically come during the summer, making the other seasons an issue.

The Argument

Peak season for tourism is typically in the summer, June-August for the northern hemisphere and November-February for the southern hemisphere, providing an economic issue.[1] The fact that the economy becomes so dependent on tourism poses an issue. Tourism has its peak season, and this leaves little financial stability during the other, less popular times of the year. Unless a country has an expansive investment and savings system, everything can collapse between each season. Tourism can also leave these countries drained and vulnerable after the season is over. Pouring money into tourism leaves it empty before the next. Locals may be independent but are still tied in dependence to the people visiting.[2] One wrong move and the economy collapses.

Counter arguments

Dependence on tourism isn't necessarily a bad thing. This allows the country to develop their own infrastructure while providing a steady source of income in the meantime.



[P1] Tourism shifts economic dependence to peak season. [P2] Tourism can leave the country vulnerable to less popular times of the year.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Even if tourism is reliant on one season, this can build infrastructure for the whole year.


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