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What are the solutions to the Syrian crisis?
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The United Nations should enforce the ending of violence in Syria

There should be an end to all military involvement in Syria. The US should support this notion by working alongside the UN to implement international law by taking diplomatic measures.

The Argument

Syria's civil war has become convoluted, with internal and international powers all fighting each other. Violence and atrocities spread daily, and no involved party is innocent. The US, along with some Middle Eastern gulf states, militarily back rebel groups rebelling against the Assad regime. The CIA has aided and trained the rebellion for years, in addition to bombing the Assad dictatorship. Assad ruthlessly attacks the rebels with traditional and chemical weapons and is backed by Iraq and Russia. ISIS is warring with almost everyone, as are the Kurdish rebel groups seeking independence. It is clear that no single side can gain traction in such a convoluted mess of war; the only possible solution is to end violence altogether. The main goal of ending the Syrian conflict should be to protect human rights and peace for those living in the area. In such a divided region with so many parties vying for power, anyone's power ruling will violate the right of those they rule to live how they desire. The only way to ensure human rights are not violated, and to end the bloodshed and unrest in the region, is a diplomatic solution backed by the UN and US to pull all military involvement in Syria and broker a peace agreement.[1]

Counter arguments

Although an end to all violence in Syria is a nice thought, it simply isn't realistic. If it were possible for everyone to sign a treaty and make peace, the divisions between groups are too strong for it to work so easily. There are tons of factors at plays, and diplomacy is already a very complicated business. The addition of international influences and the complexity of the conflict make straightforward diplomacy impossible. Although peace should be the goal, in the end, it is far off and the issue is not as simple as everyone ending the violence all of a sudden.



[P1] The main cause of conflict in Syria is violence. [P2] Something that is part of the cause can not be part of the solution. [P3] Ending violence is the only way to solve the Syrian conflict.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The cause of the Syrian conflict is differing ideals; violence is a result of this, not a basic cause. [Rejecting P2] This is not always true, violence is sometimes necessary to stop more violence.


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