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Are zoos ethical in the modern age?
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No, zoos are good

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Zoos conserve endangered species

Zoos protect animals that have the threat of becoming extinct.
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The Argument

Most zoos are concerned with the conservation of endangered and at-risk animals. Some species have larger numbers in captivity than in the wild, proving zoos are essential for keeping animals alive.[1] Zoos are able to work together by breeding and increasing the population of different animal species. Some also attempt to reintroduce some animals back into the wild.[2] Captivity is crucial to the survival of endangered species. Without the efforts of zookeepers, animal populations could plummet to the point of extinction.[3]

Counter arguments

Most species are endangered due to humans. Animal populations have dropped drastically due to hunting, deforestation, and climate change. Many wild animals have survived without being captive in zoos, so human efforts to conserve species is not always needed.



[P1] The conservation of wild animals is important to zoos. [P2] Zoos are essential for animal survival. [P3] Zoos work to help endangered species.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Not all animals are found in zoos, therefore it is not essential for species survival.


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