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Are zoos ethical in the modern age?
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Zoos are unethical because they are dangerous for animals

Keeping animals in captivity disrespects their intelligence and puts them at risk of abuse. Humans do not have the right to trap animals in enclosures for the benefit of our own entertainment and research needs.
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The Argument

Zoos are immoral and cruel to animals. People should not be allowed to take animals from the wild and keep them in a small enclosure for profit and entertainment. Despite the benefits to education and research, all animals deserve to be free. Animals are intelligent and are able to feel different emotions, so they deserve to be treated with humanity. For example, lawyers argued for an elephant to be treated like a human due to their ability to think complexly.[1] Some zoos have no regard for life, choosing to kill their animals for senseless reasons. For example, the Copenhagen Zoo shot a healthy giraffe because it was not able to breed.[2] Later, they killed four lions to make room for a new male.[3]

Counter arguments

Zoos are more beneficial than harmful. They are able to provide advanced medical care and ensure the safety and wellbeing of each animal. Having exotic animals in captivity allows zoologists to research and understand them better, as well as educating others.



[P1] Keeping animals in zoos is unethical. [P2] Animals should be treated humanely. [P3] Animals should be in the wild.

Rejecting the premises


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