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Are zoos ethical in the modern age?
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No, zoos are good

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Zoos educate about exotic animals

People learn more information about exotic animals while visiting zoos.
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The Argument

Zoos can be used as tools to educate people about exotic animals. Zoo visitors are able to see a wild animal closely while learning about their behavior and the environment they live in. Zoos may be the only opportunity for someone to see a wild animal. That species may not be native to that area or could be dangerous if encountered in the wild.[1] A study found that zoos and aquariums educate people about ecosystems and biodiversity.[2]

Counter arguments

People are able to learn about animals in other ways, so zoos are not necessary for education. Zoos only show what a wild animal looks like in person, and do little to educate beyond that. Most people visit zoos for entertainment, not to gain more information on exotic animals.


[P1] Zoos educate people about wild animals. [P2] Zoos are the only opportunity for people to see wild animals.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Zoos are not the only way people can learn about wild animals.


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