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How can I help others during coronavirus / COVID-19?
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Community help in Canada

Across Canada, hundreds of community groups have popped up to help those in need.
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These are strange times, and some have more capacity to help than others. Many people are unable to leave their house due to age, immunity deficiency or disability. These people may be unable to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, or even simply get incredibly lonely. Through local community groups and initiatives, you can help on a direct, grassroots level. In Canada, community groups have popped up across the country. These groups can be found primarily on Facebook, by searching your area name and 'COVID-19'. Some groups for bigger areas are listed below: - Toronto[1] - Vancouver[2] - Montreal[3] - Calgary[4] Alternatively, connects people with community members who may need help.[5] Or get stuck in with your community and start your own - instructions can be found here.[6]

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