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How can I help others during coronavirus / COVID-19?
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Donating blood in the US is one way I can help during Coronavirus

Blood donations have decreased as a result of stay at home orders. However, the number of people who need blood transfusions hasn't changed. Finding out the best way to donate blood in the US is a way to support your community during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Blood must be relatively fresh for it to be able to be donated to those in need. However, as most people stay isolated except for essential activities, naturally less and less people are donating blood. Blood donations are decreasing dramatically, but the amount of people who need blood is not. People with blood diseases, people with long term conditions, people who are having surgery and new mothers all still need fresh blood donations. One of the best things you can do during the coronavirus pandemic is to donate blood - you could save a life. You can find more information about donating blood in the US here.[1]

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