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Which books should you read while self-isolating from coronavirus?
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"Under The Dome" provides an escape from reality

Under the Dome is a sci-fi nightmare, exploring how frightening things can quickly become when people are suddenly isolated from the rest of the world and exposed to severe stress.

The Argument

You should read Under the Dome while self-isolating from the coronavirus because it provides an escape from reality. [1] Through the macabre writings of Stephen King, readers are pulled into a dome that mysteriously encases the small town, Chester’s Mill. The sudden and dramatic event cuts the town off from the rest of the world. As a result, the town slowly begins to crack as natural forces and panic put people in danger. Through the constant horror of the unknown, readers will find escape by reading Under the Dome to figure out the source of the dome. Under the Dome also provides a distraction from the pandemic through a complex cast of characters. [2] King creates a set of characters with diverse personalities that vie over control of the town, the dome, and other characters. The rising conflict between characters as more townspeople become casualties of the dome keeps the reader engaged. Having a complex set of characters such as the ones in Under the Dome gives the reader a well-needed source of entertainment. Stephen King’s mixture of horror and science fiction puts readers into a world of isolation much darker than self-isolating during the coronavirus. Stephen King is known for writing long novels that provide readers with an expansive and entertaining narrative. At 1,072 pages, it is one of King’s longer novels. [3] Since readers now have more time to dive into such long novels, Under the Dome an ideal read to distract themselves while self-isolating.

Counter arguments

Reading a horror and science fiction book such as Under the Dome may increase a person's anxiety while self-isolating. Rather than a distraction, they may find similarities between their own feelings of confinement and the confinement of the dome in the novel. In addition, this argument is based on the assumption that the reader likes horror novels. Although a horror novel may appeal to one person, they do not appeal to every reader, especially in moments of confusion and stress.



[P1] Science fiction and horror novels provide a sense of escape and distraction from the pandemic. [P2] Under the Dome is a science fiction and horror novel. [P3] People should read Under the Dome as a form of distraction from the pandemic.

Rejecting the premises


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