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Which books should you read while self-isolating from coronavirus?
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The Story of My Experiments with Truth

Gandhi's autobiography highlights the fraught political and social landscape of the struggle for India's independence. It also discusses the personal philosophies of this extraordinary figure.

The Argument

You should read The Story of My Experiments with Truth while self-isolating because it is a book that applies to current events. Since the rise of Black Lives Matter in response to the death of George Floyd, people are wondering how they can contribute to the movement. One way they can contribute is by educating themselves on racism and the history of protest. [1] Gandhi's autobiography educates the reader by showing examples of bringing change through non-violent means. Since it teaches ways in which people can help bring positive change, this book should be read while self-isolating from the coronavirus. You should also read this book because it encourages tolerance and patience. During a time of staunch opinions towards social, political, moral, and religious topics, Gandhi’s autobiography provides an example of patience in times of adversity against different opinions. His account shows that even when faced with opposition, he peacefully brought change by speaking with respect. Because it encourages the practice of these positive attributes, The Story of My Experiments with Truth should be read while self-isolating. Additionally, The Story of My Experiments with Truth is an ideal read because it discusses humility. In Gandhi’s autobiography, he chronicles his search for truth. He searches for truth through trial and error. Gandhi honestly records his errors and reflects upon what he has gained. [2] This reminds people that in times of adversity, they may make mistakes, but they can learn from them. Ultimately, this book relates to current events by reminding readers to seek truth and justice.

Counter arguments

Throughout his early life, Gandhi took part in racist acts and statements against the black community. [3] We should not consider him an example for the black community or as a source of knowledge regarding Black Lives Matter protests. Readers should educate themselves about peacefully protesting by reading books about those who peacefully supported the black community.



[P1] In the midst of rising protests for Black Lives Matter, people want to educate themselves on supporting Black Lives Matter in a peaceful way. [P2] Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, discusses his experiences as a peaceful activist for India. [P3] People should read The Story of My Experiments with Truth while self-isolating from the coronavirus to learn how to support Black Lives Matter peacefully.

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