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Which books should you read while self-isolating from coronavirus?
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This Is How You Lose Her

Junot Diaz's masterpiece is a beautifully written reminder of the difficult, addictive and enduring nature of romantic love.
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The Argument

You should read This is How You Lose Her because it provides an escape through romance. As a result of the pandemic, romance books provide an alluring distraction in difficult times. For some, romance novels are a way to live vicariously through the relationship of other characters. This is How You Lose Her explores a variety of relationships and conflicts within them. In addition, you should read This is How You Lose Her during quarantine because it presents a diverse perspective on romance and relationships. The narrative's imagination pulls the reader into conflicting emotional states as they confront romance's hidden difficulties. [1] This collection of stories is a great quarantine read because it challenges homogeneous perspectives on romance. You should also read This Is How You Lose Her while self-isolating because of its versatile format. The book is formatted as a collection of short stories that are interconnected by a common character. [2] This is intriguing to readers who desire short narratives, yet would like to follow the experience of familiar characters. Through a common character in each story, the reader can easily follow the narratives in one read, or they can space them out by story and read at their own pace.

Counter arguments

Reading romance novels can make people lonely. It can make a reader realize their own inability to connect in person with those that they love due to self-isolation. For this reason, reading romance might harm a person's mental and emotional state during the quarantine. In addition, short stories are more appealing when they are self-contained with different characters each time. Having the same character in each story can make the plots become monotonous and predictable.


[P1] As a result of self-isolating, people find it comforting to read romance novels as a form of escape. [P2] This is How You Lose Her is a collection of short stories filled with unconventional romance and interconnected narrative. [P3] People should read This is How You Lose her while self-isolating from the coronavirus.

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