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Which books should you read while self-isolating from coronavirus?
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Numerous scientific studies have shown the secret to success lies in grit, or tenacity. Angela Duckworth shares her research and how readers can use it to maximise their potential.
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The Argument

You should read Grit by Angela Duckworth because it encourages the reader to learn from their experiences during this pandemic. Through her studies, Duckworth found that having grit is the key to persevering in times of struggle. Due to self-isolating, there have been a wide range of emotional responses, such as frustration, anxiety, fear, and boredom.[1] Having grit in times of struggle combats negative emotions and instead persevere in the face of obstacles. In addition, self-isolating has allowed people to have more time. This time can be used to explore new passions and interests. Grit discusses finding an interest and developing a true passion for it. Self-isolating allows people to reallocate their time to discover their true passion. Through finding a passion, people can grow from their experiences by persevering in order to pursue their passion. [2] People should also read Grit while self-isolating because it teaches applicable principles for any stage of life. Grit pushes readers outside their comfort zone and encourages them to see success differently.[3] In the face of obstacles, readers are encouraged to persevere and recognize the value of grit. This mindset can be applied to the uncertainty and fear that people feel during the pandemic. Readers can apply this renewed mindset towards future goals to reach their full potential. Therefore, people should read Grit due to its lasting value on the reader during and after the pandemic.

Counter arguments

Research has shown a downside to grit. While grit can lead to persevering in obstacles, it can also lead to becoming too stubborn, causing a person to hold onto projects, goals, or relationships that are not worth holding onto. In addition, people that are grittier than others tend to keep working at the loss of time, and even financial loss. [4] While self-isolating, this can cause an individual to become even more discouraged if they fail at a project. It would be better for a person to focus on their mental health and self care while self-isolating from the coronavirus.


[P1] People should want to learn from their experiences during the pandemic. [P2] Grit discusses the topic of learning from tough experiences and developing perseverance and grit. [P3] Self-isolating for the coronavirus pandemic is a difficult experience that requires perseverance. [P4] People should read Grit by Angela Duckworth while self-isolating from the coronavirus.

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