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Which books should you read while self-isolating from coronavirus?
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You should read "The Captain & the Glory" by Dave Eggers

An absurd voyage that follows the election of “the man with the yellow feather in his hair” and the tomfoolery that follows as he rubbishes existing order to establish one that suits him. "The Captain & the Glory" is a must-read satirical take on the Trump Administration.
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The Argument

People should read The Captain and the Glory while self-isolating because it provides comedic relief in a time of crisis. In response to anxieties surrounding the pandemic, people have been turning to humorous entertainment. This book is perfect for those who enjoy political satires. It takes current events and paints them in a much more humorous light, giving the reader a laugh in this time of crisis. [1] Another reason people should read The Captain and the Glory is the artwork. The book's artwork sets it apart from other novels and stories that may bore readers. Providing a visual element to the story keeps the reader engaged. Paired with the humor, these images make the book an entertaining distraction while self-isolating from the coronavirus. You should read The Captain and the Glory during quarantine because it gives a fresh perspective on the current political climate in America. Although the book is a satire, the setting sheds new light on politics in America. The book also contains characters that are representative of an optimistic outlook for future generations of America. [2] These characters take a humorous story and make it an encouraging commentary about cruelties in America that will pass. Readers will find encouragement in this satire's deeper meaning and look forward to a future beyond this pandemic.

Counter arguments

Many readers find satire more offensive than humorous. Since it is satire from the perspective of the author, there is not much room for discussion about what is actually funny and what crosses the line. Rather than finding it humorous, readers might feel more anxiety about America's current leadership because of the book's subject matter. If readers find books with pictures more entertaining, there are plenty of other books in the comedy genre with pictures. There are comedic comic books and graphic novels. Therefore, The Captain and the Glory should not be read while self-isolating if a reader wants to turn to comedy.



[P1] During a time of self-isolating, people should turn to comedy for entertainment. [P2] The Captain & the Glory is a satirical and comedic account of Trump’s presidency. [P3] For this reason, people should read The Captain & the Glory while self-isolating from the coronavirus.

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