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Should children be homeschooled?
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Homeschooled children miss out on valuable socializing opportunities

Children who are in their own home will not have the same opportunities to make friends as others.

The Argument

A huge advantage of the public school system is the opportunity it provides for youth to socialize with their peers. Children learn valuable communication skills that they will one day utilize in college, jobs, and the world beyond the education they are receiving. When children are homeschooled, the biggest chances they receive for socializing are through social media and organized sports. Most of the time, it is in their hands to reach out and communicate with their peers. They are left to their own devices to make friends. This can turn out fine, but the odds of a child developing socializing skills are much higher in public school. The entirety of public schooling is socializing. Children also lack the ability to be exposed to a variety of world views. If all they see is their parents' beliefs, how are they to explore their own?

Counter arguments

Homeschooling can be a social thing. In fact, it can be even more so. Parents can take their children out to different locations, having them interact with various people around their city. Store clerks, cashiers, the lady with the cute dog - homeschooled children have the ability to get real-world experience.



[P1] Public school provides access to daily social scenarios. [P2] Homeschooling limits this access.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Homeschooling provides even more opportunities for children to socialize in real-world situations.


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