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Should children be homeschooled?
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Stronger relationships can be formed between parents and children

Homeschooling gives families the ability to spend more quality time together.

The Argument

Homeschooling provides a certain level of flexibility that allows for more family time, and thus stronger bonds can be formed. When parents are the teachers, children learn to communicate with them much better than if they were constantly separated. They also learn to respect their parents, as they would a teacher in school. On top of this, vacations can be taken during the school year. Children can learn on the road, allowing for more family bonding and more exposure to different environments. Summer is the busiest vacation time of the year, with approximately 60% of Americans going on vacation during this time.[1] Taking the opportunity to visit a place at any other time of the year is a special family experience that will only benefit the education of a child.

Counter arguments

Although family bonds can increase, they can also be torn apart. There is absolutely no way for a child to escape from home in the way that public school provides. Fights can grow much larger than they may have if the family wasn't in their home all day.



[P1] Homeschooling provides flexibility. [P2] Flexibility allows for more family time.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] More family time is not necessarily a good thing.


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