Should children be homeschooled?

Public, private, homeschooled, or charter - there are many different ways to provide education to children. Homeschooling is a very popular method, with varying ways of teaching within itself. Students can be taught by online teachers, parents, or even partially attend a class. Should all children be educated with some sort of homeschool method?

Yes, children should be homeschooled

Homeschooling allows children to get a high quality education without the negative environment of establishment schooling.

Homeschooling shields children from a negative school environment

By teaching children at home, they are less likely to be exposed to things such as bullying and harassment.

Children can receive a higher quality education

The curriculum is highly controlled in homeschooling, ensuring that it is valuable information.

Stronger relationships can be formed between parents and children

Homeschooling gives families the ability to spend more quality time together.

Children can be recognized for their achievements

With a limited amount of students, homeschoolers can actually be recognized for quality work.

No, children should not be homeschooled - they should go to public school

Public schools socialize children while allowing them to be taught by people who are experts in their field.

Parents must adapt to two roles

Being both a parent and a teacher is just too much for many adults.

Children miss out on high school athletics

They miss out on a free opportunity to play sports with their peers.

Homeschooled children miss out on valuable socializing opportunities

Children who are in their own home will not have the same opportunities to make friends as others.

There is a lack of all-around expertise in homeschooling

Perhaps a parent is really good at math, but can they teach English as well?

Children should be educated through a middle-ground method

There are other ways to school than just public and homeschooling.

Online school provides excellent education

Online schooling is a comfortable mix of home with actual teachers and a curriculum.

Private schools meet certain parents' needs for their child

If homeschool is chosen because of the social situation and teachers, private school introduces an alternative.

Montessori allows for a unique educational format

Children are permitted to explore and learn on their own terms.
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