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Should children be homeschooled?
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Homeschooling shields children from a negative school environment

By teaching children at home, they are less likely to be exposed to things such as bullying and harassment.

The Argument

A major concern for many parents with public school is bullying. In the USA alone, 28% of children report having been bullied during their time at school. A shockingly high 70.4% of US students report to having seen someone be bullied.[1] Homeschooling is a solution to much of this. By removing their child from the public school system, parents are able to shield their children. Children can feel safer in their learning environment, and not have their education compromised by the terror of bullying. Children can also regain confidence within homeschooling, and even return to public school once it is developed. Parents can provide a ground on which a child can stand up for themselves.

Counter arguments

Homeschooling can only really protect children from physical forms of bullying. With social media and texting, there are many invisible ways for negativity to invade a child's life even if they are homeschooled. They may feel even more alone and isolated without the support of their peers.



[P1] Bullying prevents quality education. [P2] Homeschooling prevents bullying. [P3] Homeschooling improves quality education.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] There are non-physical ways for children to be bullied.


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