Should there be a united Ireland?

The status of Northern Ireland has been the subject of intense debate and decades of violence known as the Troubles, which started in the 1960s. Though Northern Ireland has been at peace since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the question of whether Northern Island should remain in the United Kingdom or join the Republic of Ireland remains a source of contention. Should there be a united Ireland?

Yes, Ireland should be united

All 32 counties of Ireland should be united into a single nation with no land border

A united Ireland would allow Northern Ireland to have a greater voice

In a smaller, and more representative, democracy, the views of Northern Ireland's 1.9m people can be heard, whereas they are currently drowned out by the size of the UK.

Brexit has made a united Ireland necessary

Brexit threatens to create a significant problem for Northern Ireland. To overcome the Brexit issue, it would be better for everyone if Ireland was united.

It would streamline Ireland's economy

Two states existing on a small island like Ireland is wasteful as it leads to duplication of many services. A united Ireland would be the best economic solution.

Ireland is one nation and should be one sovereign state

The people of Ireland are one nation and so Ireland should be united

British rule in Ireland was never legitimate

Britain has no claim to any territory in Ireland as it claimed Northern Ireland by force and upheld its existence through undemocratic means

The majority of people in Ireland as a whole support it

Britain doesn't care about Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland should not be part of a c country that resents its existence as Britain does

No, Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom

Northern Ireland's status, as one of four constituent countries of the United Kingdom, should remain the same

The Northern Irish people want to be part of the UK

Northern Ireland has a right to self-determination and the majority of people there want to remain British

It would disrupt the hard-won peace

A united Ireland is the most likely way the Troubles may restart and avoiding this should be a key priority for all

It would be giving in to the IRA

A united Ireland would be viewed as a victory for IRA terrorists

Northern Ireland is too expensive for Ireland to administer

Northern Ireland is a very costly region to govern and a small country like the Republic of Ireland could not do so

Brexit showed the dangers of major change by referendum

The Brexit referendum created chaos due to unclear consequences, misinformation and a close result. A united Ireland referendum would be a worse version of this

Northern Ireland should become its own independent country

Northern Ireland should abandon both British unionism and Irish nationalism in favour of becoming a sovereign state of its own.

Neither Britain or Ireland have Northern Irish interests at heart

The governments in both London and Dublin view Northern Ireland as a burden. The best option would be to be independent instead.

Northern Ireland has its own distinct culture

People living in Northern Ireland have complicated identities, as they can choose to be Irish, British, Northern Irish, or Ulster. It would be better for people living in Northern Ireland to unite and be independent based on its own distinct Northern Irish culture.

Ireland should be united as part of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom should include a united Ireland, as it did from 1801-1920

All of Ireland would be stronger as part of the UK

Ireland and the UK share a language and do a great deal of business together, ti would make sense to combine the two and allow Ireland to benefit from the larger economy that is the UK
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