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When will coronavirus end?
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Noncompliance will drag out the pandemic

Noncompliance of guidelines set out by public health experts and complacency in regards to social distancing will likely cause the pandemic to persist until at least Summer 2022.

The Argument

The coronavirus pandemic won’t end until at least July 2022 because not everyone is willing to comply with the guidelines set by public health experts. The pandemic is far from over. It is not even in decline as of September 2020.[1] People must continue to social distance, wear masks, and do remote work. But, there is a limit to the public’s patience and compliance with such regulations and guidelines. This will be especially true in regards to the upcoming winter. Experts expect the number of Covid-19 cases to rise as the weather turns colder and people move into indoor spaces. There are less social distancing and larger gatherings expected to take place during this time.[1] Less social distancing will result in an uptick of transmissions and infections. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has conceded that this pandemic will be a “long, long haul” unless everybody takes this pandemic and prevention principles very seriously.[2] The failure to take the spread of the virus seriously and increased noncompliance will cause this pandemic to drag out until at least July 2022.

Counter arguments

The coronavirus pandemic will end before July 2022 because non-compliance will no longer be such a huge issue once a vaccine is available. Because numerous vaccines are in clinical trials around the world[3] and are set to be available and distributed as early as the end of this year or early 2021, compliance with certain guidelines will no longer be necessary. For instance, once someone is vaccinated and immune to the virus, they will no longer have to worry about wearing a mask in certain spaces. Moreover, once the vaccine is distributed on a large scale as expected in 2021, herd immunity will be built and the pandemic will come to an end. Noncompliance will not prolong the virus to July 2022, because a vaccine will be developed that will make certain measures and precautions unnecessary.



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