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When will coronavirus end?
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Vaccines will not completely eradicate the virus

There are many potential problems and limitations to vaccines including their efficacy, accessibility, and durability. The virus is also quickly mutating which makes it difficult to make a successful vaccine.

The Argument

Vaccines will help decrease the number of cases, but it will not be a perfect solution due to several problems and limitations. Vaccines may not lead to ending the virus. One of the major limitation to the vaccine is its efficacy. People should not assume that the virus will be 100% effective. Currently, scientists predict making a vaccine that will be 50% effective, meaning that it will prevent COIVD-19 in only 50% of the people who take it. The vaccine will not protect everyone, and coronavirus may never end. [1] It is a huge effort to vaccinate the entire world. It will take a lot of time, but also it might be impossible. The World Health Organization (WHO) is hoping to vaccinate 20% of the world by the end of 2021. 20% is a small percentage and the disease will still spread between the people who are not vaccinated. The coronavirus may continue circulating globally. [1] Even if countries manage to give vaccines to people, scientists speculate that the immunity people gained through the vaccine may fade over time. In this case, the vaccine will wear off and people might be infected. The coronavirus pandemic may not exactly end.[2]

Counter arguments

Whether people gain immunity after infection or via vaccine, people can strengthen and renew this immunity with vaccine boosters. Boosters can help people to always maintain immunity against the virus which helps in ending the virus. There are multiple policies and regulations that governments can implement to help vaccinate people in their countries. An example of such organizations is COVAX which is part of the World Health Organization. COVAX is a global initiative to provide and distribute vaccines around the world. Once a vaccine is approved, such organizations will help in vaccinating the world which may help end the coronavirus. [3]



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