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Who is the best BTS member?
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J-Hope is the most charasmatic BTS member

J-Hope brings positivity and light to everything he does. Whether it's through his rapping, songwriting, or acts of charity, J-hope gives hope to the millions who adore him.
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The Argument

J-Hope has a contagiously positive attitude. He is one of the happiest, most enthusiastic, and playful members of the group and many fans adore him for this reason.[1] He has acknowledged that choosing "J-Hope" as his stage name became a self-fulfilling prophecy, and he uses his smile and good nature to spread positivity during BTS appearances.[2][3] J-Hope is the best BTS member because he radiates positivity and happiness, and seeks to spread hope in any way that he can.

Counter arguments

We cannot consider J-Hope to be the best member of BTS because he has ranked last in several popularity polls, with some fans citing his personality as a reason for this rating.[4]


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