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Who is the best BTS member?
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J-Hope is a triple threat in BTS, with dancing, rapping, and singing

J-Hope, also known as Jung Ho-seok, is great at dancing, rapping, and singing. J-Hope enjoys great success with both rapping and singing. At the same time, J-Hope is one of the best dancers in BTS, and built a solid dancing career before joining the company.


J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) is the main dancer of BTS, but we also have the rest of the dance line Jungkook and Jimin. They synchronize very well when dancing and have very difficult choreography. J-Hope has also trained really hard with singing and rap, writing lyrics and learning from RM and Suga. The single he released named HopeWorld featured dance music with rapping and singing. The audience can tell J-Hope's comprehensive talents in dancing, rapping, and singing from this song.

The Argument

J-Hope is the best member of BTS because he excels as a singer, rapper, and dancer, the three main categories into which K-pop idols fall. Many members of K-Pop groups only fall into one or maybe two of these categories, which demonstrates how impressive it is that he can do all three. J-Hope may not be one of the main singers in BTS, but his skill in singing cannot be discounted just because of this. His singing, including his use of a blend of rap-singing, appears in many of the group's songs, such as "Rain" and "I Like It." J-Hope's rapping skills are encapsulated not only by his status as lead rapper in BTS but also by his international success as a solo rap artist. During his tenure as a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment, J-Hope appeared alongside established idol Jo Kwon in the latter's track entitled "Animal."[1] After his BTS debut, J-Hope released a solo album entitled HopeWorld, which peaked at #38 on the Billboard 200 chart, making him the highest charting Korean solo artist for the time.[2] Additionally, his single "Chicken Noodle Soup," which features Becky G, reached #3 on Billboard's Digital Rap Sales chart, which is the highest of any solo male K-Pop artist.[3] J-Hope's exceptional rap skills have therefore allowed him to become successful in every stage of his K-Pop career so far. J-Hope is a highly skilled dancer. He trained for about seven years at a dance academy before even joining BTS's agency.[4] J-Hope was also a competitive dancer and even won a national dance competition in 2008.[5] Within BTS, he acts as a leader during rehearsals, helping his fellow members learn choreography.[6] J-Hope's choreography has even inspired a viral dancing challenge on Twitter.[7] The fact that no other BTS member has accomplished most of these achievements marks J-Hope as the best dancer in the group.

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J-Hope cannot be considered the best member of BTS because he has ranked last in several popularity polls.[8]



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