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Who is the best BTS member?
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Suga had a tough beginning before BTS

Suga is the best of the BTS boys because of what he has overcome.
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The Argument

Suga is the best BTS member because of how he has fought to get where he is today. One of his main battles centers around mental health issues, which he discusses in several of his songs.[1] Additionally, he became successful as a member of BTS without the support of his parents, who were actively against his career choice for several months.[2] As a child, Suga was also hit by a car, which led to a should injury that inhibited his dancing abilities. [3] Despite all of his struggles, Suga has found success not only with BTS but also as a solo artist. His newest album reached #1 on iTunes charts worldwide, higher than all of his fellow bandmates' solo releases.[4]

Counter arguments

While Suga has certainly struggled to achieve his dreams, he is not automatically the best because of this because to declare him as such would discount the efforts that other BTS members have put in to get where they are, and it pits one person's pain against another's. Is Suga's battle with mental health issues greater than RM's, who has also talked about his experiences with anxiety?[5] This argument is harmful and dismissive of the other members' experiences.



Rejecting the premises


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