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Who is the best BTS member?
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RM is the leader of BTS

RM is the leader of BTS and the only one that speaks fluent English.

The Argument

RM, also known as Rap Monster or RapMon, is the group's leader and its main English speaker. As the leader, RM is at least partly responsible for the band's huge worldwide success, not in the least because he writes and produces many of their songs.[1] Additionally, because RM is the only band member who speaks English, he is responsible for communicating with English speakers and translating for the group.[2] As an indispensable asset to BTS, RM is clearly the best band member.

Counter arguments

RM is not the only member of BTS to produce the group's music, and he is certainly not the only member to write their songs. Other people in the group lead in different ways: J-Hope helps the group learn new choreography, and Jin is a regular source of advice since he is the oldest.[3][4] RM is not the only writer-producer, and he is not the only leader either, so he should not be considered the best in BTS for those reasons.



Rejecting the premises


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