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Who is the best BTS member?
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Jungkook is the most well rounded in BTS

Jungkook sings, dances, raps, and writes. Outside of BTS, he's great at sports and drawing.

The Argument

Jungkook is the best member of BTS because he is so multitalented. He is known for his singing ability since even before he debuted, and he appeared on the Korean show King of Masked Singer, where participants show off their amazing singing ability.[1] [2] Since some of his roles are lead dancer and sub-rapper, he is by default one of the best rappers and dancers in the group. Third, Jungkook has written both music and lyrics for several BTS songs, including his "My Time" from their newest album.[3] Aside from his talents within BTS, Jungkook is also very athletic and artistic. He is known for his strength to the extent that he has nicknames like "muscle pig."[4] Also, Jungkook has shown off his artistic abilities with drawings he has posted on social media and short films that he has created that tells the group's story.[2][5] Jungkook's prowess as an all-rounder can be seen in his nickname "Golden Maknae," which RM gave him; "maknae" is a Korean term for the youngest member in a group, and "golden" refers to how Jungkook excels in his many talents.[6] He has also been rated as the top all-round K-Pop idol, so he is the best all-rounder not only in BTS but also among all K-Pop groups.[7] In short, Jungkook has achieved more overall prowess than his bandmates despite being the youngest member.

Counter arguments

Jungkook may be a man of many talents, but he can also be irresponsible. This is evidenced by his failure to comply with social distancing measures during a rise in cases of COVID-19; he subsequently tested negative for the virus, but that does not mean that his actions were not incredibly risky.[8] Jungkook cannot be the best member of BTS because of this mistake: he thoughtlessly put not only himself but also potentially his friends, family, and other group members in danger.



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