Who is the best BTS member?

Is RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, or Jungkook the best member of BTS? The most successful band in the world right now, BTS crosses cultural barriers and are famous not only in their native South Korea, but all over the world. Every fan has their own favorite, who is yours?

RM is the best BTS member

RM (Rap Monster) is the leader of BTS and one of the most prominent members.

RM is the leader of BTS

RM is the leader of BTS and the only one that speaks fluent English.

RM is the best rapper in BTS

RM is BTS's lead rapper and has found success with his rapping even outside of BTS.

Jimin is the best BTS member

Jimin's moves are so impressive, how could he not be a favourite?

Jimin is the best dancer in BTS

As BTS' main dancer, Jimin is immensely talented. Jimin's movements on stage are so powerful that they tell a story all on their own. Jimin is the best BTS member because of his extraordinary talent at choreography and dance.

V is the best BTS member

V is a persistent favourite with fans all over the world.

V is the BTS fan favourite

V has topped fan favourite polls and gets the most views on his fan cams.

V is the only actor in BTS

V is the only BTS member to have successfully acted outside of the band.

Jin is the best BTS member

Caring and considerate, Jin is often considered by fans to be like the mum of the group.

Jin has played the role of a mother in the group since BTS debuted.

As the oldest member of BTS, Jin looks after his fellow band members. Jin is known for his gentle and warmhearted characteristics like a big brother / mom for his members and fans. Fans love him so they sometimes call Jin "mom" as a nickname.

J-Hope is the best BTS member

J-Hope is not only talented, but has an infectious positivity.

J-Hope is a triple threat in BTS, with dancing, rapping, and singing

J-Hope, also known as Jung Ho-seok, is great at dancing, rapping, and singing. J-Hope enjoys great success with both rapping and singing. At the same time, J-Hope is one of the best dancers in BTS, and built a solid dancing career before joining the company.

J-Hope is the most charasmatic BTS member

J-Hope brings positivity and light to everything he does. Whether it's through his rapping, songwriting, or acts of charity, J-hope gives hope to the millions who adore him.

Jungkook is the best BTS member

A singer, dancer, rapper and writer, Jungkook is an exceptional member of BTS.

Jungkook is the most well rounded in BTS

Jungkook sings, dances, raps, and writes. Outside of BTS, he's great at sports and drawing.

Suga is the best BTS member

Known for his witty comebacks and humble beginnings, Suga is a BTS favourite.

Suga had a tough beginning before BTS

Suga is the best of the BTS boys because of what he has overcome.

All the members are equally valuable

They all play their own unique roles in the group and BTS wouldn't be the same without any one member.
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